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From disruption to development: Moving forward with the relationship between creativity and sustainability

Conference Date: 31 March 2022 – 2 April 2022

Individuals, teams, organizations and societies have been facing unparalleled challenges and disruptive events that affect environment, industries, administrations or and, communities in many ways. Some of these events are transformative to the extent that understanding and coping with them demands radical change and reactivity. Dealing with such challenges and disruptions requires creativity and sustainability driven mindsets that transcend disciplinary perspectives. We consider that multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary approaches are required to address the complexity of disruptive and challenging events. These perspectives are being actively cultivated globally by the UN and ICN's UNESCO Chair in Arts and Science for Implementing Sustainable Development Goals, partner of ARTEM OCC conference.

Accordingly in this edition, we would like to address new visions of the interrelationship and integration of creativity and sustainability towards forms of coping with challenges and crises. The main purpose of the conference is to reflect on how to create a better normal after transformative disruption. Our goal is to build on the inspiring outcomes of previous editions, which have been documented in journal special issues such as Journal of Cleaner Production, Business & Society, International Journal of Technology Management, Humanistic Management Journal, and others. For this edition, we would like to create a discursive space among academics, practitioners and doctoral students in areas such as engineering, arts, sociology, education and management to address the relation between creativity and sustainability in its different dimensions.

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