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In addition to the members of ORGANIZATIONAL LEGITIMACY OBSERVATORY team, we are pleased to have many collaborators who help us grow through their contributions and professionalism.



Jung Jie Yang

  • Tsui‐Auch, L. S., Huang, D., Yang, J. J., & Koh, S. Z. (2021). Double Trouble: Containing Public Disapproval Arising from an Interplay of Stigmatized Categories. Journal of Management Studies 

Sofiane Baba

  • Baba, S., Sasaki, I., & Vaara, E. (2021). Increasing Dispositional Legitimacy: Progressive Legitimation Dynamics in a Trajectory of Settlements. Academy of Management Journal, 64(6), 1-46. 

  • Baba, S., Hafsi, T., & Benslama, M. (2022). Social Entrepreneurship as a New Institutional Field: Institutional Barriers in the Algerian Context. In N. Azoury & T. Hafsi (Eds.), Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship in the MENA Region (pp. 281-303): Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. 

  • Baba, S., Hemissi, O., Berrahou, Z., & Traiki, C. (2021). The Spatiotemporal Dimension of the Social License to Operate: The Case of a Landfill Facility in Algeria. Management International, 25(4), 247-266. 

Olga Ivanova Ruffo

  • Ivanova Ruffo, O., Mnisri, K., Morin.ESteves, C., & Gendron, C. (2020). Judgements of SMEs’ Legitimacy and Its Sources. Journal of Business Ethics, 165, 395-410.

Fernando Pintos

  • Santos, F. P. (2019). Websites and the legitimation of new ventures: embracing conformity and distinctiveness. “Materiality and Institutions” (223-253), Palgrave MacMillan.

Diletta Acuti

  • Invernizzi, A.C., Bellucci,M., Acuti, D., & Manetti, G. (2021). Form and substance: Visual content in CSR reports and investors’ perceptions, Psychology & Marketing.

Christopher Wilson

  • Wilson, C., & Knighton, D. (2021). Legitimacy, autonomy and trust: a recipe for organizations to operate in the public interest. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 26(4), 773-792.

Riccardo Torelli

  • Balluchi F., Lazzini A., Torelli R. (2020) CSR and Greenwashing: A Matter of Perception in the Search of Legitimacy. In: Del Baldo M., Dillard J., Baldarelli MG., Ciambotti M. (eds) Accounting, Accountability and Society. CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance. Springer, Cham.

Mohammad Bakhtiar Rana

  • Bakhtiar Rana, M. & Sørensen, O. J. (2014). Sentiments that Affect Socio-political Legitimation of TNCs in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan: Sustainable Strategic Management from an Institutional Perspective. Journal of Transnational Management, 19(1), 62-106

  • Turcan, R. V., Marinova, S. T. & Rana, M. B. (2012). Empirical Studies on Legitimation Strategies: A Case for International Business Research Extension. Advances in International Management, 25, 425-470


  • Rana, M. B. & Sørensen, O. J. (2021). Levels of legitimacy development in internationalization: Multinational enterprise and civil society interplay in institutional void.  Global Strategy Journal, 11(2),269-303.

Davide Giacomini

  • Giacomini, D., Martini, M., Sancino, A., Zola, P., & Cavenago, D. (2021). Corporate social responsibility actions and organizational legitimacy at the peak of COVID-19: a sentiment analysis. Corporate Governance, 21 (6), 1043-1058.

  • Giacomini, D., Rocca, l., Zola, P. & Mazzoleni, M. (2021). Local Governments’ environmental disclosure via social networks: Organizational legitimacy and stakeholders’ interactions, Journal of Cleaner Production, 317, 128290.



Our Mission is to distil corpora of massively complex human and organizational behavior aiming to discover behavioral structures and regularities through theorizing and theory building – all contributing to a richer, theoretically explicated understanding of such behaviors. 

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