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Call for Papers - ISBEE 2022

7th World Congress of the International Society of Business Economics and Ethics (ISBEE 2022) is often referred to as the “Olympics of Business Ethics” and attracts leading scholars and practitioners from around the world to examine comparative approaches to some of the most pressing ethical issues facing businesses and their stakeholders. It has been held every fourth year from 1996 in a location chosen not only for its practical accessibility but also its strategic importance to the global economy: 1996 in Tokyo, Japan, 2000 in São Paulo, Brazil, 2004 in Melbourne, Australia, 2008 in Cape Town, South Africa, 2012 in Warsaw, Poland, and in 2016, in Shanghai, China. In 2020 from July 15-18, the Seventh ISBEE World Congress will be hosted in Bilbao, Spain by the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and University of Deusto (UD).

Alicia Blanco-González is coordinator of Track 5. Moral values and legitimacy

February 15, 2022: Deadline for abstract submissions (500-1500 words)

More information:

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